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Albert Camus Quotes

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Like great works, deep feelings always mean more than they are conscious of saying.

Live to the point of tears.

Love cannot accept what it is. Everywhere on earth it cries out against kindness, compassion, intelligence, everything that leads to compromise. Love demands the impossible, the absolute, the sky on fire, inexhaustible springtime, life after death, and death itself transfigured into eternal life.

Love is the kind of illness that does not spare the intelligent or the dull.

Man is an idea, and a precious small idea once he turns his back on love.

Man is the only creature that refuses to be what he is.

Man wants to live, but it is useless to hope that this desire will dictate all his actions.

Martyrs, my friend, have to choose between being forgotten, mocked or used. As for being understood - never.

Men are convinced of your arguments, your sincerity, and the seriousness of your efforts only by your death.

Men are never really willing to die except for the sake of freedom: therefore they do not believe in dying completely.

Men must live and create. Live to the point of tears.

Methods of thought which claim to give the lead to our world in the name of revolution have become, in reality, ideologies of consent and not of rebellion.

Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.

Note, besides, that it is no more immoral to directly rob citizens than to slip indirect taxes into the price of goods that they cannot do without.

Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear.

One leader, one people, signifies one master and millions of slaves.

One recognizes one's course by discovering the paths that stray from it.

Only a philosophy of eternity, in the world today, could justify non-violence.

Only it takes time to be happy. A lot of time. Happiness, too, is a long patience.

Politics, and the fate of mankind, are shaped by men without ideals and without greatness.

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