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American author - "The Mad Poet" Quotes

American author - "The Mad Poet"
(1798 - 1842)

Beyond all credulity is the credulousness of atheists, who believe that chance could make the world, when it cannot build a house.

Death, to a good man, is but passing through a dark entry, out of one little dusky room of his father's house, into another that is fair and large, lightsome and glorious, and divinely entertaining.

In old age life's shadows are meeting eternity's day.

See where the wild-blazing grog shop appears, there where the red waves of wretchedness swell; it burns on the edge of tempestuous years, the horrible lighthouse of hell.

The most momentous concern of man is the state he shall enter upon after this short and transitory life is ended; and in proportion as eternity is of greater importance than time, so ought men to be solicitous upon what grounds their expeciations with regard to that durable state are built, and on what assurances their hopes or their fears stand.