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Candice Bergen Quotes

An American actress and former fashion model.
(1946 - )

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At an age when most actresses are being phased out, I am being phased in - with a vengeance.

Beauty set up distance between other people and me. It warped their behavior.

But it was hard to leave because the show's been so important in our lives.

But when I disappeared, it sort of pissed me off, that guys get to go on being sexual until they're seventy or eighty, and we disappear at forty-five or fifty.

Dreams are, by definition, cursed with short life spans.

Glamorized... am I glamorous?

Hollywood is like Picasso's bathroom.

I admit that Post-it note sheets that adhere to virtually any surface are now my substitute of choice for retention.

I believe a lot in monogamy, let me tell you.

I certainly love doing comedy and feel most comfortable near it.

I couldn't hold it together today. George Clooney asked me if I was OK, and I practically collapsed. I couldn't stop crying, I had to go off sobbing like an idiot.

I didn't have a financial need, and I wasn't very gifted at relationships. I probably was more like what we think of boys as being: hard to pin down and wary of commitment.

I got the role I loved the most at a point in my career when most women are being phased out.

I guess I was a mom so late in life, my daughter was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I have never appreciated a quiet moment with a friend as much, a quiet moment with a book and I think part of that is my obsession with being older and time going faster and it's become increasingly sweeter for me.

I have never savored life with such gusto as I do now.

I never have really said much about the whole episode, which was endless. But his speech was a perfectly intelligent speech about fathers not being dispensable and nobody agreed with that more than I did.

I remember being in tears at the hospital after Chloe was born, at the thought that someday she would have to leave home.

I used to believe that marriage would diminish me, reduce my options. That you had to be someone less to live with someone else when, of course, you have to be someone more.

I was getting offers. I had just turned them down. Then I realized I should be grateful that at age 54, people were still offering me film roles.

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