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Caroline Corr Quotes

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There was no one in particular I really tried to copy.

There's actually 14 in our family, but we disowned the others.

Waking up with a bad head in the morning is difficult sometimes.

We do it because we love to play music and that's what we're all about.

We go in and I do my thing, and then we supplement it with whatever we want.

We play our Irish songs a bit more loosely.

We've worked very hard as a band and would like to think we've got this far on the strength of our music.

Well I had a musical background, but I still didn't know a lot about drums at the time.

When I was drumming with Mick Fleetwood I thought I looked half mad. I thought I looked half crazy.

Yes, my mother was a singer, and my father played piano and keyboards. They were in a band together, though they also had regular jobs because they had kids and stuff like that.

Yes, we record practically everything on Pro Tools.

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