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Carter Burwell Quotes

An American composer of film scores.
(1955 - )

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A carefree quality is a whole aspect of life that I will never understand. I don't think I have ever been carefree and can't see the pleasure of it.

All my music is very simple in that melody is usually clearly stated.

Any film which views the darker side of life, which is death with a sense of humor, is very much to my taste.

Big Sur is at the end of the continent. It attracts really crazy people.

Carefully execute every instruction given to you by the director, producer, and studio. But that would be a life not worth living.

Conducting, I tried it once off the cuff, and quickly realized there were subtle aspects that I was missing. There is a lot more to it that I was able to grasp simply by watching conductors.

Connection is what one is after in probably most media, but certainly in film, which is an immersive medium.

Death is always around the corner, but often our society gives it inordinate help.

Even if I went off to some other career, I hope I would still be doing Coen films.

Hopefully each film can be given a musical voice of its own, which is not to say that the instrumentation is always unique, but that the relationship between the sound and the image is unique.

How does my music connect to an audience? That is just a complete mystery to me.

I almost never try to make the audience comfortable. I wouldn't want that if I were in the audience.

I don't find myself lobbying for projects. Filmmakers almost always come to me.

I don't generally find myself listening to the music of a film unless there's something awfully wrong with it.

I don't personally see my work as being dark. What interests me is a balance between light and dark.

I had piano lessons when I was a kid, like most people. And hated them, like most people. And quit, like most people.

I have always loved Scottish music - all sorts of Celtic, Gaelic music.

I just love the sheer mess of New York.

I like business and personal life to be distinct.

I like the fact that New York looks a bit backwards, toward the Old World, rather than resolutely forwards.

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