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Charles Buck Quotes

Although it was in primitive times and differently called the Lord's day or Sunday, yet it was never denominated the Sabbath; a name constantly appropriate to Saturday, or the Seventh day both by sacred and ecclesiastical writers.

Equity is that exact rule of righteousness or justice which is to be observed between man and man. - It is beautifully and comprehensively expressed in the words of the Saviour, "All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them, for this is the law and the prophets."

Magnanimity is greatness of soul, exerted in contemning dangers and difficulties, in scorning temptations, and in despising mere earthly pomp and splendor.

The bigot for the most part clings to opinions adopted without investigation, and defended without argument, while he is intolerant of the opinions of others.

The excellence of equanimity is beyond all praise. - One of this disposition is not dejected in adversity, nor elated in prosperity: he is affable to others, and contented in himself.

Their kitchen is their shrine, the cook their priest, the table their altar, and their belly their god.

There is also a perfection of degrees, by which a person performs all the commands of God, with the full exertion of all his powers, without the least defect. This is what the law of God requires, but what the saints cannot attain to in this life.