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Charles Evers Quotes

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It's wrong to kill.

So I'm in the Republican Party for the same reason I was in the Democratic Party: to make sure blacks are included, along with everyone else.

Speaking as a black person, welfare is the worst thing that's ever happened to us.

The least I can do is show Medgar I still care. And Martin.

The main thing I believe in is freedom.

The problem is, the Republican Party hasn't done anything to make this country better and I speak as a Republican.

The Republican Party does not reach out.

The Republican Party is not inclusive.

This is a racist country.

Two people will never be President in my lifetime. A woman and a black.

We need to take responsibility and educate people. That's why black folks don't like me. I always say it's our responsibility to make safe neighborhoods. It's our job to get them cleaned up.

We've begun to get justice.

We've begun to put fear into those whites who think they can do anything they want to a black person and get away with it.

Welfare makes you dependent upon someone to take care of you.

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