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Christiane Amanpour Quotes

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Indeed in the full flush of journalistic passion and conviction I once told an interviewer that of course I would never get married. And I most definitely would never have children.

Little did we know then that CNN would become the big league.

Our industry has invested so much money in technology that perhaps it's time to invest in talent, in people.

They take journalism really seriously because they know the force that it is and can be.

U.S. soldiers, with whom I now have more than a passing acquaintance, joke that they track my movements in order to know where they will be deployed next.

We do it because we're committed, because we're believers.

We hear foreign accents on CNN. It's crazy, it's wild, who knows, maybe they'll take you because you certainly don't fit in, in the American spectrum of news.

We in the press, by our power, can actually undermine leadership.

We manage the fear, I manage the fear, but it certainly takes its toll, the strain does.

We were thrilled and we were privileged to be part of a revolution, because make no mistake about it, Ted Turner changed the world with CNN.

What we do and say and show really matters.

Yes, you are running businesses, and yes, we understand and accept that, but surely there must be a level beyond which profit from news is simply indecent.

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