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Cicero Quotes

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In a disordered mind, as in a disordered body, soundness of health is impossible.

In a republic this rule ought to be observed: that the majority should not have the predominant power.

In doubtful cases the more liberal interpretation must always be preferred.

In everything truth surpasses the imitation and copy.

In everything, satiety closely follows the greatest pleasures.

In honorable dealing you should consider what you intended, not what you said or thought.

In men of the highest character and noblest genius there is to be found an insatiable desire for honour, command, power, and glory.

In nothing do men approach so nearly to the gods as in doing good to men.

In so far as the mind is stronger than the body, so are the ills contracted by the mind more severe than those contracted by the body.

In the common people there is no wisdom, no penetration, no power of judgment.

In time of war the laws are silent.

It has seemed to be more necessary to have regard to the weight of words rather than to their number.

It is a great thing to know our vices.

It is a man's own dishonesty, his crimes, his wickedness, and barefaced assurance, that takes away from him soundness of mind; these are the furies, these the flames and firebrands, of the wicked.

It is a shameful thing to be weary of inquiry when what we search for is excellent.

It is a true saying that "One falsehood leads easily to another".

It is a truth but too well known, that rashness attends youth, as prudence does old age.

It is better for a young man to blush, than to turn pale.

It is better to receive than to do an injury.

It is foolish to tear one's hair in grief, as though sorrow would be made less by baldness.

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