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Cleveland Amory Quotes

A "good" family, it seems, is one that used to be better.

Adlai Stevenson - a Henry James character in a Reader's Digest world.

Advice to son: Never confuse "I love you" with "I want to marry you."

As anyone who has ever been around a cat for any length of time well knows, cats have enormous patience with the limitations of the human kind.

Cats talk with their tails.

I can't take a well-tanned person seriously.

The facts of life are very stubborn things.

The New England conscience does not stop you from doing what you shouldn't-it just stops you from enjoying it.

The opera is like a husband with a foreign title - expensive to support, hard to understand and therefore a supreme social challenge.

There are three terrible ages of childhood - 1 to 10, 10 to 20, and 20 to 30.

When Babe Ruth was asked in 1930 how he felt about making more money that the President of the United States, he replied 'I had a better year than he (Herbert Hoover) did.' When Tom Snyder was asked in 1977 how he felt about making more money per year than President Carter, he replied, 'I have to go out and buy my own 707.'

You can't make the Duchess of Windsor into Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. The facts of life are very stubborn things.
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