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Dorothy Day Quotes

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We believe in loving our brothers regardless of race, color or creed and we believe in showing this love by working for better conditions immediately and the ultimate owning by the workers of their means of production.

We cannot build up the idea of the apostolate of the laity without the foundation of the liturgy.

We have all known the long loneliness, and we have found that the answer is community.

We must recognize the fact that many Nazis, Marxists and Fascists believe passionately in their fundamental rightness, and allow nothing to hinder them from their goal in the pursuit of their mission.

When we have spiritual reading at meals, when we have the rosary at night, when we have study groups, forums, when we go out to distribute literature at meetings, or sell it on the street corners, Christ is there with us.

Women think with their whole bodies and they see things as a whole more than men do.

Words are as strong and powerful as bombs, as napalm.

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