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Edwin Hubbel Chapin Quotes

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The downright fanatic is nearer to the heart of things than the cool and slippery disputant.

The essence of justice is mercy.

The golden age is not in the past, but in the future; not in the origin of human experience, but in its consummate flower; not opening in Eden, but out from Gethsemane.

The individual and the race are always moving; and as we drift into new latitudes new lights open in the heavens ttore immediately over us.

The mere leader of fashion has no genuine claim to supremacy; at least, no abiding assurance of it. He has embroidered his title upon his waistcoat, and carries his worth in his watch chain; and if he is allowed any real precedence for this, it is almost a moral swindle - a way of obtaining goods under false pretences.

The most fearful characteristic of vice is its irresistible fascination - the ease with which it sweeps away resolution, and wins a man to forget his momentary outlook, and his throb of penitence, in the embrace of indulgence.

The public sense is in advance of private practice.

The temptation is not here, where you are reading about it or praying about it. It is down in your shop, among bales and boxes, ten-penny nails, and sandpaper.

The weak sinews become strong by their conflict with difficulties. - Hope is bom in the long night of watching and tears. - Faith visits us in defeat and disappointment, amid the consciousness of earthly frailty and the crumbling tombstones of mortality.

The worst effect of sin is within, and is manifest not in poverty, and pain, and bodily defacement, but in the discrowned faculties, the unworthy love, the low ideal, the brutalized and enslaved spirit.

There are interests by the sacrifice of which peace is too dearly purchased. One should never be at peace to the shame of his own soul - to the violation of his integrity or of his allegiance to God.

There is less misery in being cheated than in that kind of wisdom which perceives, or thinks it perceives, that all mankind are cheats.

There is no happiness in life, there is no misery like that growing out of the dispositions which consecrate or desecrate a home.

There is no mean work, save that which is sordidly selfish; no irreligious work, save that which is morally wrong; in every sphere of life the post of honor is the post of duty.

There is no mockery like the mockery of that spirit which looks around in the world and believes that all is emptiness.

There is no tariff so injurious as that with which sectarian bigotry guards its commodities. - It dwarfs the soul by shutting out truths from other continents of thought, and checks the circulation of its own.

There never was a man all intellect; but just in proportion as men become so they become like lofty mountains, all ice and snow the higher they rise above the warm heart of the earth.

This is the essential evil of vice, that it debases man.

Those old ages are like the landscape that shows best in the purple distance, all verdant and smooth, and bathed in mellow light.

Through every rift of discovery some seeming anomaly drops out of the darkness, and falls, as a golden link into the great chain of order.

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