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Emile Cioran Quotes

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The curtain of the universe is moth-eaten, and through its holes we see nothing now but mask and ghost.

The desire to die was my one and only concern; to it I have sacrificed everything, even death.

The fact that life has no meaning is a reason to live - moreover, the only one.

The fanatic is incorruptible: if he kills for an idea, he can just as well get himself killed for one; in either case, tyrant or martyr, he is a monster.

The fear of being deceived is the vulgar version of the quest for Truth.

The feeling of being the thousand years behind, or ahead, of the others, of belonging to the beginnings or to the end of humanity...

The limit of every pain is an even greater pain.

The mind is the result of the torments the flesh undergoes or inflicts upon itself.

The more intense a spiritual leader's appetite for power, the more he is concerned to limit it to others.

The more we try to wrest ourselves from our ego, the deeper we sink into it.

The multiplication of our kind borders on the obscene; the duty to love them, on the preposterous.

The obsession with suicide is characteristic of the man who can neither live nor die, and whose attention never swerves from this double impossibility.

The only way of enduring one disaster after the next is to love the very idea of disaster: if we succeed, there are no further surprises, we are superior to whatever occurs, we are invincible victims.

The problem of responsibility would have a meaning only if we had been consulted before our birth and had consented to be precisely who we are.

The sole means of protecting your solitude is to offend everyone, beginning with those you love.

The task of the solitary man is to be even more solitary.

The universal view melts things into a blur.

There is no limit to suffering.

There is no means of proving it is preferable to be than not to be.

There was a time when time did not yet exist... The rejection of birth is nothing but the nostalgia for this time before time.

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