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Emily Dickinson Quotes

An American poet. Virtually unknown in her lifetime, Dickinson has come to be regarded as one of the greatest American poets of the 19th century.
(1830 - 1886)

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A word is dead when it is said, some say. I say it just begins to live that day.

A wounded deer leaps the highest.

After great pain, a formal feeling comes. The Nerves sit ceremonious, like tombs.

Anger as soon as fed is dead, 'tis starving makes it fat.

Beauty is not caused. It is.

Because I could not stop for death, He kindly stopped for me; The carriage held but just ourselves and immortality.

Behavior is what a man does, not what he thinks, feels, or believes.

Celebrity is the chastisement of merit and the punishment of talent.

Dogs are better than human beings because they know but do not tell.

Dwell in possibility.

Dying is a wild night and a new road.

Eden is that old-fashioned house we dwell in every day Without suspecting our abode, until we drive away.

Fame is a bee It has a song - It has a sting - Ah, too, it has a wing.

Fame is a fickle food upon a shifting plate.

Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough.

Finite to fail, but infinite to venture.

For each ecstatic instant We must an anguish pay In keen and quivering ratio To the ecstasy.

For love is immortality.

Forever is composed of nows.

Fortune befriends the bold.

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