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It's very homely, this castle. It doesn't have huge ballrooms. I didn't want a cold, cavernous place.

My core beliefs revolve around the idea that we should live to the best of our abilities-we should live and let live.

My first language is Gaelic.

Over in the UK, the music press can be brutal. They can say wonderful things about you one week, and the next week, you're in the can.

People tend to think that because I need all this time on my own in the studio, that I need time on my own, period. And that's not really true.

Singing in Gaelic is very, very natural to do. I think lends itself very much so to being sung.

The Druids held the trees as very sacred.

The minuses of celebrity include having to live with security and the knowledge that you may be stalked.

The music sold itself before anybody knew who I was.

The ocean is a central image. It is the symbolism of a great journey.

The personal appearances and red carpet events are very glitzy, but it's a bit false.

The success of Watermark surprised me. I never thought of music as something commercial; it was something very personal to me.

The writing of a melody is an emotional moment; success doesn't make it easy.

There is no formula to it. Writing every song is a little journey. The first note has to lift you.

When I was growing up, I'd be in the choir. My mum was the organist in the church, so I'd sing in the church.

When making music I sink myself into the process as deeply as I can and forget all of the success.

With my music, I can express myself so much. A lot of the fans can sense that I'm relating to them something that's quite personal.

Writing music on your own makes you think a lot about your life. Who are you? Would you change anything about yourself? This is where it comes from.

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