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Finley Peter Dunne Quotes

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The time is comin' whin not more thin hath iv us'll be rale, an' th' rest'll be rubber, (plastic!)

The world is not growing worse and it is not growing better - it is just turning around as usual.

There ain't any news in being good. You might write the doings of all the convents of the world on the back of a postage stamp, and have room to spare.

There are no friends at cards or world politics.

Trust everybody, but cut the cards.

Vice goes a long way tow'rd makin' life bearable. A little vice now an' thin is relished by th' best iv men.

Vice is a creature of such hideous mien... that the more you see it the better you like it.

What is instinct? It is the natural tendency in one when filled with dismay to turn to his wife.

Whin a man gets to be my age, he ducks political meetin's, an' reads th' papers an' weighs th' ividence an' th' argymints - pro-argymints an' con-argymints, an' makes up his mind ca'mly, an' votes th' Dimmycratic Ticket.

You can lead a man up to the university, but you can't make him think.

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