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Frederick D. Huntington Quotes

American clergyman
(1819 - 1904)

Christendom is accounted for only by Christianity; and Christianity burst too suddenly into the world to be of the world.

Conduct is the great profession. Behavior is the perpetual revealing of us. What a man does, tells us what he is.

Holiness is religious principle put into action. - It is faith gone to work. - It is love coined into conduct; devotion helping human suffering, and going up in intercession to the great source of all good.

Practice in life whatever thou prayest for, and God will give it thee more abundantly.

Socialism is only a blind yearning after liberty and equality. It is the unsteady and brilliant dream of an earthly republic which can be realized only in the true Church of God.

Sorrow is our John the Baptist, clad in grim garments, with rough arms, a son of the wilderness, baptizing us with bitter tears, preaching repentance; and behind him comes the gracious, affectionate, healing Lord, speaking peace and joy to the soul.

The best school of nobility is the imitation of Christ.

While reason is puzzling herself about the mystery, faith is turning it into her daily bread and feeding on it thankfully in her heart of hearts.

While reason is puzzling itself about mystery, faith is turning it to daily bread, and feeding on it thankfully in her heart of hearts.