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George Byron Quotes

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By satire kept in awe, they shrink from ridicule, though not from law.

Cervantes smiled Spain's chivalry away; A single laugh demolished the right arm Of his country.

Christians have burned each other, quite persuaded that all the Apostles would have done as they did.

Cicero was not so eloquent as thou, thou nameless column with the buried base.

Cleverness and cunning are incompatible. - I never saw them united. - The latter is the resource of the weak, and is only natural to them. - Children and fools are always cunning, but clever people never.

Danger levels man and brute, and all are fellows in their need.

Deformity is daring; it is its essence to overtake mankind by heart and soul and make itself the equal, aye, the superior of others.

Eden revives in the first kiss of love.

Every day confirms my opinion on the superiority of a vicious life, and if Virtue is not its own reward, I don't know any other stipend annexed to it.

Every sense hath been o'erstrung, and each frail fibre of the brain sent forth her thoughts all wild and wide.

Experience, that chill touchstone whose sad proof reduces all things from their false hue.

Fools love the martyrdom of fame.

For what were all these country patriots born? To hunt, and vote, and raise the price of corn?

Grief should be the instructor of the wise: sorrow is knowledge; they who know the most must mourn the deepest o'er the fatal truth, - the tree of knowledge is not that of life.

Half dust, half deity, alike unfit to sink or soar.

Hatred is the madness of the heart.

He who is only just is cruel. - Who on earth could live were all judged justly?

He who surpasses or subdues mankind, must look down on the hate of those below.

Heaven in sunshine will requite the kind.

Her great merit is finding out mine; there is nothing so amiable as discernment.

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