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George Eliot Quotes

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It's never too late to be who you might have been.

It's no use filling your pocket with money if you have got a hole in the corner.

It's them that takes advantage that gets advantage i' this world.

Iteration, like friction, is likely to generate heat instead of progress.

Jealousy is never satisfied with anything short of omniscience that would detect the subtlest fold in the heart.

Knowledge slowly builds up what Ignorance in an hour pulls down.

Leisure is gone; gone where the spinning wheels are gone, and the pack-horses, and the slow wagons, and the peddlers who brought bargains to the door on sunny afternoons.

Life began with waking up and loving my mother's face.

Life is measured by the rapidity of change, the succession of influences that modify the being.

Little children are still the symbol of the eternal marriage between love and duty.

Mankind is not disposed to look nar­rowly into the conduct of great victora when their victory is on the right side.

Marriage must be a relation either of sympathy or of conquest.

Men's men: be they gentle or simple, they're much of a muchness.

Might, could, would - they are contemptible auxiliaries.
[Self Confidence]

More helpful than all wisdom or counsel is one draught of simple human pity that will not forsake us.

Mortals are easily tempted to pinch the life out of their neighbour's buzzing glory, and think that such killing is no murder.

Music sweeps by me as a messenger carrying a message that is not for me.

Necessity does the work of courage.

Nemesis is lame, but she is of colossal stature; and sometimes, while her sword is not yet unsheathed, she stretches out her huge left arm and grasps her victim. The mighty hand is invisible, but the victim totters under the dire clutch.

No compliment can be eloquent, except as an expression of indifference.

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