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Glenn Beck Quotes

An American radio and television host, author, conservative political commentator, and entrepreneur.
(1964 - )

Good for you, you have a heart, you can be a liberal. Now, couple your heart with your brain, and you can be a conservative.

I am a conservative, but I am not a zombie.

I am like Howard Beale. When he came out of the rain and he was like, none of this makes any sense. I am that guy.

I believe that if we get out of people's way, the sky's the limit. The sky is the limit.

It's a real blessing for me to tell you, sir, that calvary has arrived - Fox is here!

Political Correctness doesn't change us, it shuts us up.

Remember, beneath every cynic there lies a romantic, and probably an injured one.

The most used phrase in my administration if I were to be President would be "What the hell you mean we're out of missiles?"

Timothy McVeigh was a coward. Violence is the stupid way out. It'll discredit any real legitmate movement.

We just put General Motors in the hands of people who can't even run our own government.

We should reject big government and look inside ourselves for all the things that built this country into what it was.

We're giving our freedoms away. The American experiment was about freedom. Freedom to be stupid, freedom to fail, freedom to succeed.

You can get rich making fun of me. I know. I've made lots of money making fun of me.

You know, we all have our inner demons. I, for one - I can't speak for you, but I'm on the verge of moral collapse at any time. It can happen by the end of the show.