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Herb Alpert Quotes

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The reaction to this album has just been fabulous around the world... and I've had offers to perform from around the world and I'm tempted to do it. I've got itchy lips.

The trumpet was not a lyrical singing instrument.

There's something interesting about playing live; you're in the moment, and I think it would be beneficial.

This was during a period when I was producing Brazil '66 records and got infected by Brazilian music.

We always felt that if you do something with quality and integrity, then it's going to come back to you.

We finally got our big break when Ed Sullivan put us on his show.

When I finish an album and I find myself listening to it in the car, because it makes me feel a certain way, that's the time to try to let other people know about it.

You know, the record business is much different than being artist on stage.

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