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Hillary Rodham Clinton Quotes

I believe that a worthwhile life is defined by a kind of spiritual journey and a sense of obligation.

Let us not forget that among [women's] rights is the right to speak freely.
[Self Acceptance]

The challenges of change are always hard. It is important that we begin to unpack those challenges that confront this nation and realize that we each have a role that requires us to change and become more responsible for shaping our own future.

We ought to be doing all we can to make it possible for every child to fulfill his or her God-given potential.
[Helping Other People]

You've got to be willing to stay committed to someone over the long run, and sometimes it doesn't work out. But often if you become real honest with yourself and honest with each other, and put aside whatever personal hurt and disappointment you have to really understand yourself and your spouse, it can be the most wonderful experience you've ever had.