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Ignatius Brown Quotes

English religious author

'Tis the most nonsensical thing in the world for a man to be proud, since 'tis in the meanest wretch's power to mortify him. How uneasy have I seen my Lord All-Pride in the park, when the company turned their eyes from him and his gaudy equipage!

It is the grand battle of life to teach lust the limits of the Divine law-to break it into the taste of the bread of heaven.

Scandal is a never-failing vehicle for dulness. The true-born Englishman had died silently among the grocers and trunk-makers, if the libeller had not helped off the poet.

The whole system, the whole structure of man and of the world, is moulded to be the theatre of the redemption of the sinner. Not in Eden, but on Calvary and in heaven, which is the child of Calvary, we see realized the whole idea of God.