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Jacques Cousteau Quotes

Jacques-Yves Cousteau was a French naval officer, inventor, explorer and researcher.
(1910 - 1997)

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A lot of people attack the sea, I make love to it.

And let us remember too that life, in its exuberance, always succeeds in overflowing the narrow limits within which man thinks he can confine it.

Buoyed by water, he can fly in any direction - up, down, sideways - by merely flipping his hand. Under water, man becomes an archangel.
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Farming as we do it is hunting, and in the sea we act like barbarians.
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From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. He is bolted to earth. But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free.
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However fragmented the world, however intense the national rivalries, it is an inexorable fact that we become more interdependent every day.

I am not a scientist. I am, rather, an impresario of scientists.
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I believe that national sovereignties will shrink in the face of universal interdependence.

I said that the oceans were sick but they're not going to die. There is no death possible in the oceans - there will always be life - but they're getting sicker every year.
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If we go on the way we have, the fault is our greed and if we are not willing to change, we will disappear from the face of the globe, to be replaced by the insect.
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If we were logical, the future would be bleak indeed. But we are more than logical. We are human beings, and we have faith, and we have hope, and we can work.

In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 per day.

It is certain that the study of human psychology, if it were undertaken exclusively in prisons, would also lead to misrepresentation and absurd generalizations.

It takes generosity to discover the whole through others. If you realize you are only a violin, you can open yourself up to the world by playing your role in the concert.

Man, of all the animals, is probably the only one to regard himself as a great delicacy.
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Mankind has probably done more damage to the Earth in the 20th century than in all of previous human history.

No aquarium, no tank in a marine land, however spacious it may be, can begin to duplicate the conditions of the sea. And no dolphin who inhabits one of those aquariums or one of those marine lands can be considered normal.

No sooner does man discover intelligence than he tries to involve it in his own stupidity.

People protect what they love.

Population growth is the primary source of environmental damage.

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