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Jacques Derrida Quotes

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In Algeria, I had begun to get into literature and philosophy. I dreamed of writing-and already models were instructing the dream, a certain language governed it.

In certain situations, there is a classical function and responsibility there that must not be avoided, even if it is just to appeal to good sense.

In philosophy, you have to reckon with the implicit level of an accumulated reserve, and thus with a very great number of relays, with the shared responsibility of these relays.

Is it so wrong to take account of a past trajectory, of a writing that has in part sealed itself, little by little?

It often seems that I have only typical and common things to say, in which case I join my voice or my vote to that of others.

Monsters cannot be announced. One cannot say: 'here are our monsters', without immediately turning the monsters into pets.

My most resolute opponents believe that I am too visible, that I am a little too alive, that my name echoes too much in the texts which they nevertheless claim to be inaccessible.

No one gets angry at a mathematician or a physicist whom he or she doesn't understand, or at someone who speaks a foreign language, but rather at someone who tampers with your own language.

Perhaps it would be necessary now to try to invent places for teaching and research outside the university institutions.

Still today, I cannot cross the threshold of a teaching institution without physical symptoms, in my chest and my stomach, of discomfort or anxiety. And yet I have never left school.

The boarding-school experience in Paris was very hard, I didn't put up with it very well. I was sick all the time, or in any case frail, on the edge of a nervous breakdown.

The circle of the return to birth can only remain open, but this is a chance, a sign of life, and a wound.

The end of man (as a factual anthropological limit) is announced to thought from the vantage of the end of man (as a determined opening or the infinity of a telos). Man is that which is in relation to his end, in the fundamentally equivocal sense of the word. Since always.

The first problem of the media is posed by what does not get translated, or even published in the dominant political languages.

The models that are now collapsing are roughly those that, at the dawn of industrial society, were discussed by Kant to Heidegger, passing by way of Hegel, Schelling, Humboldt, Schleiermacher, and Nietzsche.

There is nothing outside of the text.

These critics organize and practice in my case a sort of obsessive personality cult which philosophers should know how to question and above all, to moderate.

These years of the Ecole Normale were an ordeal. Nothing was handed to me on the first try.

Things became virulent when, after some books on Husserl, I accelerated or aggravated a certain contamination of the genres.

This is one of the most serious problems today, this responsibility before the current forms of the mass media and especially before their monopolization, their framing, their axiomatics.

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