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Jane Byrne Quotes

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The Chicago Symphony is considered the greatest orchestra in the world.

The cooperation of government at its different levels is important and can only be achieved as long as the people of Chicago are directly involved in our efforts and supportive of our goals.

The credit for much of this rightly belongs to the late Mayor Daley who forged a coalition of business and labor that kept Chicago always moving ahead.

The nation can no longer afford to continue policies that hasten the flight of persons to the distant suburbs.

The people ask much, often more than any government can give. We must resist the temptation to promise solutions to all problems.

The people must know that from this day on, we want their opinions.

The people of Chicago are a proud people - and for good reason.

Tonight - by taking this solemn oath - I am no longer a private citizen but the Mayor of the City of Chicago.

We must care. We must all care. And while I am working, while the governments is working, so must the people also work.

We saw hundreds of programs to redevelop the central city, the neighborhoods, in the past.

When there were fears about the future of this nation's older cities... when a few of the cities teetered on the brink of bankruptcy, all eyes were focused on Chicago for contrast.

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