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Jean Cocteau Quotes

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Compromise yourself. Obscure your own trail.

Consider metaphysics as an extension of the physical.

Disavow anyone who provokes or accepts the extermination of a race to which he does not belong.

Do as the beautiful woman: see to your figure and your petticoats. Though, of course, I am not speaking literally.

Do not close the circle. Leave it open. Descartes closes the circle. Pascal leaves it open. Rousseau's triumph over the encyclopedists is to have left his circle open when they closed theirs.

Do not fear being ridiculous in relation to the ridiculous.

Do not take up cause against the inaccuracies printed about you. They are your protection.

Don't for a moment believe He was killing the young; He was costuming angels.

Emotion resulting from a work of art is only of value when it is not obtained by sentimental blackmail.

Everything one does in life, even love, occurs in an express train racing toward death. To smoke opium is to get out of the train while it is still moving. It is to concern oneself with something other than life or death.

Expect neither reward nor beatitude. Return noble waves for ignoble.

Fight any instinct to be humorless, for humorlessness is the worst of all absurdities.

Film will only became an art when its materials are as inexpensive as pencil and paper.

Hasten slowly. Run faster than beauty.

Hate only hatred.

He who is affected by an insult is infected by it.

Here I am trying to live, or rather, I am trying to teach the death within me how to live.

I am a lie who always speaks the truth.

I believe in luck: how else can you explain the success of those you dislike?

I have a piece of great and sad news to tell you: I am dead.

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