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Joseph Cook Quotes

A good creed is a gate to the city that hath foundations; a misleading creed may be a road to destruction, or if both misleading and alluring it may become what Shakespeare calls a primrose path to the eternal bonfire.

A mystery is something of which we know that it is, though we do not know how it is.

A natural law is a process, not a power; it is a method of operation, not an operator. A natural law, without God behind it, is no more than a glove without a hand in it.

Conscience is our magnetic compass; reason our chart.

Do you know a book that you are willing to put under your head for a pillow when you lie dying? That is the book you want to study while you are living. There is but one such book in the world.

I am no fanatic, I hope, as to Sunday; but as I look abroad over the map of popular freedom in the world, it does not seem to me accidental that Switzerland, Scotland, England, and the United States - the countries which best observe Sunday - constitute almost the entire map of safe popular government.

Inspiration is such a divine superintendence over the books of the Bible as makes them a trustworthy, infallible and safe guide concerning the way of salvation.

Narrowness is the mother of unbelief. Obtain a broad outlook if you would agree with God in your philosophy and be able to transmit God's own thought into your life.

Of all my wife's relations I like myself the best.

Only the home can found a state.

Safe popular freedom consists of four things, the diffusion of liberty, of intelligence, of property, and of conscientiousness, and cannot be compounded of any three out of the four.

There is a God in science, a God in history, and a God in conscience, and these three are one.

What a man sees only in his best moments as truth is truth in all moments.

When I am dying I want to know that I have a similarity to God, so that my will is the same as his will, and that I love and hate and wish what he does.