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La Rochefoucauld Quotes

French author of maxims and memoirs, as well as an example of the accomplished 17th-century nobleman.
(1613 - 1680)

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A fashionable woman is always in love - with herself.

A great many men's gratitude is nothing but a secret desire to hook in more valuable kindnesses hereafter.

A man is sometimes as different from himself as he is from others.

A man of sense may love like a madman, but not as a fool.

A man of understanding finds less difficulty in submitting to a wrong-headed fellow, than in attempting to set him right.

A man who finds no satisfaction in himself, seeks for it in vain elsewhere.

A man's happiness or unhappiness depends as much on his temperament as on his destiny.

A man's worth has its season, like fruit.

A refusal of praise is a desire to be praised twice.

A true friend is the greatest of all blessings, and that which we take the least care of all to acquire.

A wise man thinks it more advantageous not to join the battle than to win.

A work can become modern only if it is first postmodern. Postmodernism thus understood is not modernism at its end but in the nascent state, and this state is constant.

Absence extinguishes small passions and increases great ones, as the wind will blow out a candle, and fan a fire.

Affected simplicity is refined imposture.

All the passions make us commit faults; love makes us commit the most ridiculous ones.

All who know their own minds, do not know their own hearts.

An extraordinary haste to discharge an obligation, is a sort of ingratitude.

As great minds have the faculty of saying a great deal in a few words, so lesser minds have a talent of talking much, and saying nothing.

As it is the characteristic of great wits to say much in few words, so it is of small wits to talk much and say nothing.

As love increases, prudence diminishes.

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