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Lewis W. Dilwyn Quotes

English naturalist
(1778 - 1855)

A phlegmatic insensibility is as different from patience, as a pool from a harbor. Into the one, indolence naturally sinks us; but if we arrive at the other it is by encountering many an adverse wind and rough wave, with a more skilful pilot at the helm than self, and a company under better command than the passions.

One watch set right will do to set many by; one that goes wrong may be the means of misleading a whole neighborhood; and the same may be said of example.

People are commonly so employed in pointing out faults in those before them, as to forget that some behind may at the same time be descanting on their own.

Repentance, without amendment, is like continually pumping without mending the leak.

To seek the redress of grievances by going to law, is like sheep running for shelter to a bramble bush.