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Loni Anderson Quotes

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My mom started smoking when she was 11. She went to the hill next door to try her first cigarette. She set the entire hill on fire, but it didn't deter her.

My sister and I are both diagnosed with second-hand smoke syndromes. We have never smoked, but we grew up with second-hand smoke our entire lives.

Once you are hooked, smoking is harder to quit then heroin.

Smoking is related to practically every terrible thing that can happen to you.

The theater is where I belonged; I simply wanted to be an actress my whole life.

There is no cure for emphysema, but you can start treating it and have a better quality of life.

There's nothing glamorous about being dead.

They almost ran me off the road several times. There are so many chances that they take to get the right photo.

Three cigarettes in, your body already craves it. It is that addictive.

We have so much lung capacity that we don't even notice a problem until we are in our 40s.

When women smoke, it is hard for them to quit because they are so worried about their weight; it's a vanity issue and a mindset.

You're always better off if you quit smoking; it's never too late.

You're rejected 10 to 20 times for every part you are going to get.

Young people think that nothing bad will ever happen to them.

Your lungs are changed forever from your first cigarette.

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