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Machado de Assis Quotes

Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis was a Brazilian writer best known for his innovative novels and short stories, though he was also a poet, dramatist and translator.
(1839 - 1908)

A lie is often as involuntary as breathing.

For the roses, someone said, gardeners are eternal.

Happiness is a pair of boots.

I did not have children. I didn't cooperate in the expansion of human misery.

Life is so beautiful that even the idea of death must be born before it can be realized.

Life... is an enormous lottery: the prizes are few, the failures innumerable.

Madness is an island lost in the ocean of rationality.

Money doesn't bring happiness: for those who don't know what to do with it.

Tears are not arguments.

The art of living consists in getting the greatest good out of the greatest evil.

The best definition of love in the world is not worth one kiss from the girl you love.

The greatest sin, after the initial sin, is its publication.

There is truly only one misfortune: that of not being born.

Time is an invisible web on which everything may be embroidered.

Tomorrow's sun is on its way - a relentless sun, inscrutable like life.

We kill time; time buries us.

You don't love the same woman twice.