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Michael Caine Quotes

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If you think you're going to be up for an Oscar, you schedule your moviemaking.

If you're a movie actor, you're on your own - you cannot control the stage. The director controls it.

January is the garbage can of movies in America, directly after all the Oscar contenders have been out.

My own mentality is that I've retired. They send me these scripts and if I absolutely have to do it, then I go to work.

Obsession is a young man's game, and my only excuse is that I never grew old.

Oh, what a shock. My career must be slipping. This is the first time I've been available to pick up an award.

Save your money. You're going to need twice as much money in your old age as you think.

The absent are never without fault. Nor the present without excuse.

The best research for playing a drunk is being a British actor for 20 years.

The first actor I ever saw was The Lone Ranger. I thought, That's what I want to do.

The standing ovation threw me... to be held in such regard in a town so full of talent is quite something.

There's quite a lot of bad stuff written about me. My wife even says a lot of bad stuff about me. But she is wonderful.

Things are not quite what they seem always. Don't start me on class, otherwise you'll get a four-hour lecture.

When I'm doing an accent, you shouldn't notice it for a while, if I'm doing it right.

When you reach the top, that's when the climb begins.

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