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Miles Davis Quotes

An American jazz musician.
(1926 - 1991)

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A legend is an old man with a cane known for what he used to do. I'm still doing it.

After you've learned how to play your instrument the right way, you can turn around and play it the way you want to, anyway you hear the music and sound and want to play it.

All you've got to do in this country today is just be on television and you're more known and respected than anyone who paints a great painting or creates great music or writes a great book or is a great dancer. . . . A bad, untalente person who is on television or in the movies can be more recognized and respected than a genius who doesn't appear on the screen.

Creativity and genius don't know nothing about age; either you got it or you don't, and being old is not going to help you get it.

Do not fear mistakes. There are none.

Don't play what's there, play what's not there.

For me, music and life are all about style.

I don't care if a dude is purple with green breath as long as he can swing.

I don't like to hear someone put down dixieland. Those people who say there?s no music but bop are just stupid; it shows how much they don't know.

I know what I've done for music, but don't call me a legend. Just call me Miles Davis.

I never thought that the music called "jazz" was ever meant to reach just a small group of people, or become a museum thing locked under glass like all other dead things that were once considered artistic.

I was minding my own business when something says to me, "you ought to blow trumpet." I have just been trying ever since.

I would go to the library and borrow scores by all those great composers, like Stravinsky, Alban Berg, Prokofiev. I wanted to see what was going on in all of music. Knowledge is freedom and ignorance is slavery, and I just couldn't believe someone could be that close to freedom and not take advantage of it.

I'll play it first and tell you what it is later.

I'm always thinking about creating. My future starts when I wake up every morning... Every day I find something creative to do with my life.

I've always told the musicians in my band to play what they know and then play above that. Because then anything can happen, and that's where great art and music happens.

If you understood everything I say, you'd be me!

It's always been a gift with me, hearing music the way I do. I don't know where it comes from, it's just there and I don't question it.

My future starts when I wake up every morning Every day I find something creative to do with my life.

People will go for anything they don't understand if it's got enough hype. They want to be hip, want always to be in on the new thing so they don't look unhip.

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