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Namie Amuro Quotes

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If I get to wrapped up in how I have to be, or what I have to do, things gradually get worse and worse.

In the beginning, I didn't dance that much and stuff.

My popularity plunged three years ago and I didn't try to court publicity.

Now, on nights that I can't sleep, I play video games alone until the morning.

People around me called me an idol, so that's what I was.

Simply, there are many things I would like to do.

Until now, I was insecure and I believed what the people around me said in regarding what I should sing.

Until now, I've not done a project where the produce, rapper and singer has never worked together like this before, and I had a chance to try a variety of styles.

Up until now, I had ideas that I wanted to try but didn't have the opportunity to do them.

When I was snowed under with the work of an idol, I didn't have time to think.

When I was younger, there was a huge gap between what I wanted to do and what I could do as an idol.

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