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Orville Dewey Quotes

American theologian
(1794 - 1882)

I don't believe in the goodness of disagreeable people.

Men cannot labor on always. They must have recreation. And if they have it not from healthful sources, they will be very likely to take it from poisoned fountains. - Or, if they have pleasures, which, though innocent, are forbidden by the maxims of public morality, their very pleasures are liable to become poisoned fountains.

The dead carry our thoughts to another and a nobler existence. - They teach us, and especially by all the strange and seemingly untoward circumstances of their departure from this life, that they and we shall live in a future state forever.

The less we parade our misfortunes, the more sympathy we command.

We never seem to know what anything means till we have lost it. - The full significance of those words, property, ease, health - the wealth of meaning that lies in the fond epithets, parent, child, friend, we never know till they are taken away; till in place of the bright, visible being, comes the awful and desolate shadow where nothing is - where we stretch out our hands in vain, and strain our eyes upon dark and dismal vacuity.