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P. Cooke Quotes

American author
(1816 - 1850)

Children do not know how their parents love them, and they never will till the grave closes over those parents, or till they have children of their own.

Those who mistake the excitement and agitation of reform for the source of danger, must have overlooked all history.

We believe in excitement when the theme is great; in agitation when huge evils are to be reformed. It is thus that a state or nation clears itself of great moral wrongs, and effects important changes. Still waters gather to themselves poisonous ingredients, and scatter epidemics and death. The noisy, tumbling brook, and the rolling and roaring ocean, are pure and healthful. The moral and political elements need the rockings and heavings of free discussion, for their own purification. The nation feels a healthier pulsation, and breathes a more invigorating atmosphere, than if pulpit, platform, and press, were all silent as the tomb, leaving misrule and oppression unwatched and unscathed.