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Phil Donahue Quotes

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Praising the Lord and passing the ammunition are mutually exclusive ideas.

Presenting statues of honor to reporters for covering an earthquake is like presenting a first prize to a doctor for performing surgery.

Recognition should come to the reporter who uncovers public cheating or proves a convicted man innocent.

Saddam was a bastard, but he was our bastard.

Some people are uncomfortable with the idea that humans belong to the same class of animals as cats and cows and raccoons. They're like the people who become successful and then don't want to be reminded of the old neighborhood.

Spanking and verbal criticism have become, to many parents, more important tools of child rearing than approval.

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Television is not the exclusive target of promoters. Is Superman really worthy of a Newsweek cover?

The system of volunteerism is divisive. It pits one charity against the others for the charity dollar.

The Tube is a vehicle for selling things, not for exploring ideas.

They were terrified that we were going to become an anti-war kind of platform.

To a journalist, good news is often not news at all.

We should not use crippled children to sell hamburgers. Ever.

When I was a kid, people who got divorced were people who had no gumption.

When we had been married five years, we had six children. What, in God's name, was wrong with me?

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