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Pierre Corneille Quotes

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I would not like a king who could obey.

In recounting our woes, we often soothe them.

In the service of Caesar, everything is legitimate.

It is a crime against the State to be powerful enough to commit one.

It is the crime not the scaffold which is the disgrace.

It matters more how one gives than what one gives.

It takes good memory to keep up a lie.

Just vengeance does not call for punishment.

Justice advances with such languid steps that crime often escapes from its slowness. Its tardy and doubtful course causes many tears to be shed.

Love is a tyrant sparing none.

Master of the universe but not of myself, I am the only rebel against my absolute power.

My reason, it's true, controls my feelings, but whatever its authority, it doesn't rule them so much as tyrannize them.

My sweetest hope is to lose hope.

Oh rage! Oh despair! Oh age, my enemy!

Oh, how sweet it is to pity the fate of an enemy who can no longer threaten us!

One half of my life has put the other half in the grave.

One is often guilty by being too just.

One often calms one's grief by recounting it.

One ought to have a good memory when he has told a lie.

Peace is produced by war.

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