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Robert Pollok Quotes

Scottish poet
(1798 - 1827)

By nature's laws, immutable and just, enjoyment stops where indolence begins.

Living jewels, dropped unstained from heaven.

Maternal love! thou word that sums all bliss.

Redemption is the science and the song of all eternity. Archangels, day and night, into its glories look. The saints and elders round the throne, old in the years of heaven, examine it perpetually.

Rumor was the messenger of defamation, and so swift, that none could be first to tell an evil tale.

She weaves the winding-sheet of souls, and lays them in the urn of everlasting death.

Sorrows remembered sweeten present joy.

That bitter word, which closed all earthly friendships, and finished every feast of love - farewell!

The hypocrite was a man who stole the livery of the court of heaven to serve the devil in.

The threatre was, from the very first, the favorite haunt of sin, though honest men - some very honest, wise, and worthy men - maintained it might be turned to good account; and so, perhaps, it might, but never was; from first to last it was an evil place.

The wise man walks with God, surveys far on the endless line of life; values his soul, thinks of eternity; both worlds considers, and provides for both; with reason's eye his passions guards; abstains from evil; lives on hope - on hope, the fruit of faith; looks upward, purifies his soul, expands his wings, and mounts into the sky; passes the sun, and gains his Father's house, and drinks with angels from the fount of bliss.