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Sir Francis Bacon Quotes

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In counsel it is good to see dangers; but in execution, not to see them unless they be very great.

In nature things move violently to their place, and calmly in their place.

In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.

In revenge a man is but even with his enemies; but it is a princely thing to pardon, for Solomon saith, It is the glory of a man to pass over a transgression.

In taking revenge, a man is but even with his enemy; but in passing it over, he is superior.

In the youth of a state, arms do flourish; in the middle age, learning; and then both of them together for a time; in the declining age, mechanical arts and merchandise.

It cannot be denied that outward accents conduce much to fortune; favor, opportunity, death of others, occasion fitting virtue: but chiefly, the mold of a man's fortuue is in his own hands.

It had been hard to have put more truth and untruth together in a few words than in that speech, Whosoever is delighted with solitude is either a wild beast or a god.

It has well been said that the arch-flatterer, with whom all petty flatterers have intelligence, is a man's self.

It is a point of cunning to wait upon him with whom you speak with your eye, as the Jesuits give it in precept; for there be many wise men that have secret hearts and transparent countenances.

It is a strange desire, to seek power, and to lose liberty; or to seek power over others, and to lose power over a man's self.

It is as hard and severe a thing to be a true politician as to be truly moral.

It is as natural to man to die, as to be born; and to a little infant, perhaps the one is as painful as the other.

It is good discretion not to make too much of any man at the first, because one cannot hold out in that proportion.

It is heaven upon earth to have a man's mind move in charity, rest in providence, and turn upon the poles of truth.

It is impossible to love and to be wise.

It is in knowledge as it is in plants; if you mean to use the plant, it is no matter for the roots; if you mean it to grow, it is safer to rest upon roots than upon slips.

It is in life as it is in ways, the shortest way is commonly the foulest, and surely the fairer way is not much about.

It is left only to God and to the angels to be lookers on.

It is not possible to run a course aright when the goal itself has not been rightly placed.

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