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Steve Brown Quotes

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We find new car interiors have much higher VOC levels than any building we've researched. Ultimately, what we need are cars with interior materials that produce lower emissions.

We had gone out on the road in 94 and 95 for a three month American tour, and we realised, as did our manager and booking agent at the time, that we have really exhausted it, and we can't make money at this anymore.

We have an amazing fan base all around the world that love 40FT.

We really put together a great band, and have a great time.

Yeah, man I am going to be writing a book soon. The reality of being in a rock band in the music business'.

You know, with bands like Kiss back out on the road and Aerosmith coming out, we are going to be a band like that, in the sense that it's a big rock band.

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