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Steve Buscemi Quotes

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It wasn't until my senior year in high school that I started acting.

My favorite review described me as the cinematic equivalent of junk mail. I don't know what that means, but it sounds like a dig.

My greatest hope was to get discovered as a comedian and get on a sitcom.

My real training as an actor was when I started doing theatre.

The director I had most involvement with was Alex Rockwell. He gave me a lot of responsibility as an actor.

The first movie I had a featured role in was Parting Glances.

The trend now is to shoot in Canada because it's cheaper, and they don't care what the location is.

They're not supposed to show prison films in prison. Especially ones that are about escaping.

Trees Lounge is based on my own life. Both my parents like the movie. My father, of course, thinks it's a masterpiece.

What was frustrating about Armageddon was the time I spent not doing anything. It was a big special effects film, and I wasn't crazy about pretending I was in outer space. It feels ridiculous.

When I was in pre-production for Trees Lounge, I was hearing the cinematographer talking with the production designer about colours and this and that, and feeling like I was losing control.

With Animal Factory you'd think that because it's mostly interiors, you could shoot it anywhere. So we shot this in Philadelphia, and we had the cooperation of the prison system.

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