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Talbot Wilson Chambers Quotes

American clergyman
(1819 - 1896)

A good book, in the language of the book-sellers, is a salable one; in that of the curious, a scarce one; in that of men of sense, a useful and instructive one.

Books are standing counselors and preachers, always at hand, and always disinterested; having this advantage over oral instructors, that they are ready to repeat their lesson as often as we please.

If you treat with courtesy your equal who is privileged to resent an impertinence, how much more cautious should you be to your dependants, from whom you demand a respectful demeanor.

It is a beautiful and a blessed world we live in, and while life lasts, to lose the enjoyment of it is a sin.

The great fundamental principle of the Reformation was the individual responsibility of the human soul to its Maker and Judge.