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Taylor Caldwell Quotes

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The feeble soul merely whines and complains.

The stalwart soul has the will to live and is eager for the race.

The very idea of carrying my memory into eternity devastated me, and I took refuge in atheism.

The world is a penal institution.

There will be no peace in the tormented world, only a programmed and systematic series of wars and calamities - until the plotters have gained their objective: an exhausted world willing to submit to a PLANNED Marxist economy and total and meek ENSLAVEMENT - in the name of PEACE.

Those who claim to have had happy lives seem to be silly fools.

Though I am a Catholic, a professing one, I have serious doubts about the survival of the human personality after death.

We don't strain at a gnat and swallow a camel, nor swim in an ocean and drown in a puddle.

Women's Lib? I couldn't stand it.

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