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Terry Brooks Quotes

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Testing of self is a regular part of our own lives, so it seems natural to make it a part of the lives of my characters, as well, albeit on a much different level.

We are constantly being put to the test by trying circumstances and difficult people and problems not necessarily of our own making.

We forget that what matters begins with the imagination.

Well, I think that as a country, we've drifted away from appreciating the importance of imagination.

What I want to write about has changed somewhat, and the scope of the storytelling has changed accordingly.

When I was a kid, we had to rely on our imaginations for entertainment.

Writing fantasy lets me imagine a great deal more than, say, writing about alligators, and lets me write about places more distant than Florida, but I can tell you things about Florida and alligators, let you make the connection all on your own.

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