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Thomas Carlyle Quotes

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Without kindness, there can be no true joy.
[Helping Other People]

Woe to him that claims obedience when it is not due; woe to him that refuses it when it is.

Wonder is the basis of worship.

Wondrous is the strength of cheerfulness, altogether past calculation its powers of endurance. Efforts, to be permanently useful, must be uniformly joyous, - a spirit all sunshine, graceful from very gladness, beautiful because bright.

Wondrous is the strength of cheerfulness, and its power of endurance - the cheerful man will do more in the same time, will do it; better, will preserve it longer, than the sad or sullen.

Work alone is noble.

Work is the grand cure of all the maladies and miseries that ever beset mankind.

Worship is transcendent wonder.

Writing is a dreadful labor, yet not so dreadful as Idleness.

Youth is to all the glad season of life; but often only by what it hopes, not by what it attains, or what it escapes.

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