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Achievement Quotes

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But the first the general public learned about the discovery was the news of the destruction of Hiroshima by the atom bomb. A splendid achievement of science and technology had turned malign. Science became identified with death and destruction.

But the perception of life as an organic unity is a slow achievement, and depends for its growth on a people's entry into the main current of world-events.

Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement.

Effort, not ability, makes the biggest difference in achievement.

Even a mistake may turn out to be the one thing necessary to a worthwhile achievement.

Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.

High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation.

Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.

Optimism is essential to achievement and it is also the foundation of courage and true progress.

Sometimes, we just don't know enough about what we are trying to achieve.

Think of yourself as on the threshold of unparalleled success. A whole, clear, glorious life lies before you. Achieve! Achieve!

You have to put in many, many, many tiny efforts that nobody sees or appreciates before you achieve anything worthwhile.

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