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Admiration Quotes

These are some of the best 'Admiration' quotations and sayings.

Admiration and familiarity are strangers.

Admiration is a very short-lived passion that immediately decays upon growing familiar with its object, unless it be still fed with fresh discoveries, and kept alive by a perpetual succession of miracles rising into view.

Admiration is the daughter of ignorance. See quote detail

Admiration must be kept up by the novelty that at first produced it; and how much soever is given, there must always be the impression that more remains.

Admiration, n. Our polite recognition of another's resemblance to ourselves. See quote detail

Distance is a great promoter of admiration!

Each man is a hero and an oracle to somebody, and to that person whatever he says has an enhanced value. See quote detail

Few men are admired by their servants.

For fools admire, but men of sense approve.

It is a good thing to believe; it is a good thing to admire. By continually looking upwards, our minds will themselves grow upwards; as a man, by indulging in habits of scorn and contempt for others, is sure to descend to the level of those he despises.

It is better in some respects to be admired by those with whom you live,, than to be loved by them. And this is not on account of any gratification of vanity, but because admiration is so much more tolerant than love.

No nobler feeling than this, of admiration for one higher than himself, dwells in the breast of man.-It is to this hour, and at all hours, the vivifying influence in man's life.

The capacity to admire others is not my most fully developed trait. See quote detail

The less a man thinks or knows about his virtues, the better we like him. See quote detail

There is a pleasure in admiration; and this it is which properly causeth admiration, when we discover a great deal in an object which we understand to be excellent; and yet we see more beyond that, which our understandings cannot fully reach and comprehend.

There is a wide difference between admiration and love. The sublime, which is the cause of the former, always dwells on great objects and terrible; the latter on small ones and pleasing; we submit to what we admire, but we love what submits to us: in one case we are forced, in the other we are flattered, into compliance.

There is much difference between imitating a good man, and counterfeiting him. See quote detail

Those who are formed to win general admiration are seldom calculated to bestow individual happiness.

To cultivate sympathy you must be among living beings and thinking about them; to cultivate admiration, among beautiful things and looking at them.

We always like those who admire us; we do not always like those whom we admire.