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Arrogance Quotes

These are some of the best 'Arrogance' quotations and sayings.

Arrogance is a killer, and wearing ambition on one's sleeve can have the same effect. There is a fine line between arrogance and self-confidence. Legitimate self-confidence is a winner. The true test of self-confidence is the courage to be open-to welcome change and new ideas regardless of their source. Self-confident people aren't afraid to have their views challenged. They relish the intellectual combat that enriches ideas. See quote detail

Arrogance on the part of the meritorious is even more offensive to us than the arrogance of those without merit: for merit itself is offensive.

Nothing is more hateful to a poor man than the purse-proud arrogance of the rich. - But let the poor man become rich and he runs at once into the vice against which he so feelingly declaimed, - There are strange contradictions in human character.

The arrogant man does but blast the blessings of life and swagger away his own enjoyments. - To say nothing of the folly and injustice of such behavior, it is always the sign of a little and unbenevolent temper, having no more greatness in it than the swelling of the dropsy.

When men are most sure and arrogant, they are commonly the most mistaken, and have then given views to passion, without that proper deliberation and suspense which can alone secure them from the grossest absurdities.